A priority recommendation of the 2018 report of the Canadian Dental Association Task Force on the Future of the Dental Professions was that: “The Canadian dental profession should ensure that graduates are aware of the full range of career options available to them, including alternative practice models.”

This recommendation was seen as key to meet one of the report’s key visions which stated that: “By 2032, Canadian dentists will be ready to embrace new technologies and models of practice.”

The dental profession and the environment of practice are evolving rapidly, and members of the profession need new tools to help them succeed in this changing environment. Getting a career off to a good start, based on informed early career decisions is absolutely vital to career enjoyment and success. This career options resource, aimed primarily at dental students and dentists in their first years of practice in Canada is a project of the organized dental profession created to help our newest colleagues off to the best start possible to the exciting professional career that lies ahead of them.




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