You’re embarking on an exciting career in dentistry, but you will face some daunting choices. Take your time, be sure to reflect, and try to make informed decisions to help shape your future career path. On this site, you will find information about traditional associateships, corporate and group practice associateships, choosing a residency program, choosing a specialty program, and owning a practice. Make sure to visit the site frequently as we will be adding more information about other career options.
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Man deciding which option to choose

  • What practice or ownership model is best for my situation?
  • Do I need to incorporate?
  • Can I invest in other practices?
    And more…

Practice Models

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Two dentists reviewing results

  • Do I need to sign an Associate Agreement?
  • Do associates have to pay for marketing, staff or equipment?
  • What’s the standard associate percentage? And more…

Associateship – Small Practice

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Group dental practice building

  • What defines a corporation/corporate dentistry/large group practice?
  • What’s the remuneration in corporate dentistry?
  • Will I have a buy-in opportunity? And more…

Associateship – Group/Corporate Practice

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Dental resident

  • What’s a GPR vs. AEGD?
  • What are residency programs looking for in a candidate?
  • Do I get paid during a residency?
    And more…

Choosing a Residency

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Dentist working on a patient

  • When should I apply to a specialty?
  • What kind of grades will I need?
  • Where are specialists most needed in Canada?
    And more…

Choosing a Specialty Program

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Dental practice building

  • Why is this practice for sale?
  • Do all current employees have contracts?
  • Is the building leased or owned?
  • Is it a good location?
    And more…

Buying a Practice