Your provincial dental association (PDA) is a corporate member of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). Your PDA is also an excellent resource for information and networking for dental students and new dentists—see the contact details below. Additional resources in this section are provided by CDSPI, CDA and other related organizations that have helped produce this website.

Provincial Dental Association


CDSPI is a non-profit organization, whose members are the CDA and 9 provincial dental associations. CDSPI administers insurance and investment programs and other services meeting the needs of the Canadian dental profession and dental students.

Insurance Plans for Associates

Canadian Dental Association

Audio testimonials have been captured by CDA to provide dental students and new dentists with personal insights into the various career pathways available to Canadian dentists.

Other Resources

American College of Prosthodontists

American College of Prosthodontists Position Statement on Corporate Dentistry

Academy of General Dentistry

AGD Investigative Report on the Corporate Practice of Dentistry
What is corporate dentistry? How do corporate models of dentistry vary from solo practice corporations, small group practices, or other large group practices? Are all models of corporate dentistry the same? Will corporate models continue to grow, or have they reached a plateau? Many have heard the term “corporate dentistry,” but few understand its vast spectrum of definitions and implications. Recognizing the need for dentists to be better informed, the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) responded in 2012 by launching an investigation into corporate models of dentistry.

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Academy of General Dentistry questions that any dentist should ask before getting involved with any practice model.
Important questions every dentist should ask before making a practice model decision (from the 2013 Investigative Report on the Corporate Practice of Dentistry from the Academy of General Dentistry): a. Who is my employer? b. Who can create or edit a treatment plan? Who is responsible for the treatment plan? Do I have the authority to disagree or change a treatment plan?

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Tier Three Brokerage Ltd.

A Very Bad Financial Decision by Dr. Bernie Dolansky and Mr. Bill Henderson
Selling a successful dental practice is a very bad financial decision. It may seem strange, or at the very least, counter-intuitive, that people who deal in the sale of dental practices would categorize the decision to sell a practice as a bad financial decision. However, anyone who has been paying attention to the evolving ownership patterns for dental practices in Ontario is aware of the increasing number of practices that are being sold to large corporate groups that are buying and own multiple practices. The primary drivers of this very visible phenomenon are the availability of a pool of dentists willing to work as non-owners (associates); the increasing amount of investment capital that is coming into the dental practice market; and the great returns on investment that dental practice ownership provides.

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