Your provincial dental association (PDA) is a corporate member of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). Your PDA is also an excellent resource for information and networking for dental students and new dentists—see the contact details below. Additional resources in this section are provided by CDSPI, CDA and other related organizations that have helped produce this website.

Provincial Dental Association


CDSPI is a non-profit organization, whose members are the CDA and 9 provincial dental associations. CDSPI administers insurance and investment programs and other services meeting the needs of the Canadian dental profession and dental students.

Insurance Plans for Associates

Canadian Dental Association

Audio testimonials have been captured by CDA to provide dental students and new dentists with personal insights into the various career pathways available to Canadian dentists.

Dr. Bruce Ward - On owning a number of private general practices in Vancouver, BC

Dr. Janet Leith - On owning a private general practice in Ottawa, ON

Dr. Jack Bassey - On owning a private general practice in Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Sean Robertson - On owning a private general practice in Southern Ontario

Dr. Chad Avery - On owning a private general practice in Yarmouth, NS

Other Resources

David Rosenthal (Lawyer)

The Stepped Purchase of a Dental Practice by David Rosenthal (Lawyer)
A stepped purchase of a dental practice is becoming more prevalent in recent years, particularly for specialty practices. A stepped purchase occurs where the purchaser dentist (Purchaser) buys a dental practice from the selling dentist (Vendor) in two or more steps over an extended period of time.

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Legal Checklist to Purchase a Dental Practice by David Rosenthal (Lawyer)
When purchasing a dental practice, there are many legal issues to consider. Ideally these matters should be dealt with early in the purchase process. This will enable you to make informed decisions about the nature of the purchase transaction and help avoid costly problems later. Outlined below is a checklist of some of the legal matters to consider when purchasing a dental practice.

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Dr. Bernie Dolansky (Dentist/Practice Broker)

Practice Purchase Tips by Dr. Bernie Dolansky (Dentist/Practice Broker)
In most places across the province, the market for dental practices is definitely a seller’s market. For every good practice that is listed there are multiple interested and qualified buyers. The competition for those practices is fierce, and your odds of getting it are low unless you are prepared well in advance. Here are several things you can do to improve your chances.

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Practice Purchase Check-up for Potential Purchasers by Dr. Bernie Dolansky (Dentist/Practice Broker)
Sections include: Are you ready?, the seller, patient base, financial considerations, premises, staffing, overview, the market, talk to experts.

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