About Dental Career Options

The Canadian dental profession should ensure that graduates are aware of the full range of career options available to them, including alternative practice models.Priority Recommendation
CDA Task Force on the Future of the Profession, 2018.

Leaders in Canadian dentistry want new dentists to fully understand the career options available to them throughout their professional lives. This website was created in response to the above recommendation and is a collaboration between:

  • the Canadian Dental Association (CDA)
  • the  that are Corporate Members of CDA
  • CDSPI, the insurance and investment organization governed by CDA and the provincial dental associations.

Canadian dental students who are soon to graduate along with dentists who are relatively new to clinical practice (e.g., within 5 years of graduation) are the primary audience for this site. It’s been created to help our newest colleagues achieve the best start possible to an exciting professional career that lies ahead.

As you weigh your career options and launch your professional life, remember to:

Be inquisitive. None of us know everything. Be open to benefiting from the knowledge and experience of others.
Be self-aware. Try to know yourself and determine what you want from your career and how it will impact your desired lifestyle. Get a sense of what type of workplace would suit you.
Be informed. Do your due diligence. Conduct your own research with the help of competent advisors and your provincial and national dental associations.
Be persistent. It may be difficult to get all the information you think you need to make informed decisions, as some organizations may be more transparent and forthcoming than others.
Be accountable. Remember that ultimately, you are responsible and accountable for your own actions. You are a sovereign, professional person accountable to yourself, your patients, and your dental regulatory authority. You are responsible for any treatments or actions you perform.

Getting your career off to a good start, based on informed early career decisions, is vital to your career enjoyment and success. We welcome you to explore this site and learn more about what the profession of dentistry can offer!